Who is Life Thru CPR, LLC

Life Thru CPR, LLC was created by Rick Moszczynski.  Rick has over 20 years experience in the Emergency Services Industry.  He has served as a Fire-fighter, EMT, EMD, Instructor, Communications Specialist, just to name a few.  Rick has worked at the Command Posts of scheduled and emergency events throughout the Philadelphia region over the last 20 years. Rick’s objective is to provide instruction and certification to as many individuals as possible in order to prepare them to “Make a Difference” (his mantra) in the saving of a life through the training that Life Thru CPR, LLC provides.

Life Thru CPR, LLC is an educational company specializing in training individuals and company employees in the skills researched and designed by the American Heart Association (AHA).  Our instructors are trained to certify CPR/AED & Choking for the Healthcare Professional as well as First-Aid,CPR/AED, & Choking to the layperson in order to be better prepared to increase the chance of survival during a cardiac emergency.


2 Responses to About

  1. Angelo Amoroso says:

    Rick, awesome class. You really made it a great experience. I was impressed at the instructor’s command of the material and method of teaching. I will definitely be back for recert when I expire. Yes, I will recommend your classes to my family, friends, and professional associates.
    A. A.; Philadelphia, PA


    • Rick says:

      A. A. from Philly,

      Thanks, it (as always) was my pleasure, Be safe in your street career. I look forward to your recert in two years.



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